What you should know
About our concrete

What is Ready Mixed Concrete?

Concrete is a mixture of cementitious materials, water and aggregate which is usually sand and gravel or crushed stone.

Ready mixed concrete is delivered to the customer in a mixed, unhardened state. Concrete can be customized to the customer’s needs and has the durability to stand up to a number of environmental situations. With its versatility and strength, ready mixed concrete has become the leader in building materials.

The quantities of concrete ingredients are weighed and mixed at our plant, delivered in our truck mixer, which keeps the concrete uniformly mixed until the placement location. Concrete sets within 2-12 hours after mixing and continues to gain strength through the upcoming months with proper curing in the first days of the concrete placement.

How much concrete should I order?

Use this ready mix concrete calculator to determine how much concrete you will need for your next project.

Why use Ready Mix Concrete?

Concrete can be customized into nearly any shape or size needed. When placed and cured properly, the end concrete product can withstand a variety of environmental conditions with no risk of rust or rot. Concrete is a very economical product that can last years with low maintenance, saving you time and money on repair and replacement costs.

Concrete Maintenance - How to Maintain your Investment

A general rule of thumb in concrete maintenance is to avoid October-April 15 for exterior concrete pours. There are special precautions that need take place to continue with projects during this time frame – just ask!

After Care For Your Concrete

• Regular maintenance

• Apply sealers at least every other year

• Preventative

• Cleaning with a broom

• Remove Snow and Ice accumulation in a timely manner

• Avoid de-icers
• Sweep off any fertilizer that may be on concrete
• Avoid using acids to clean concrete

Learn More About Your Concrete Application

Cold Weather Concrete

Special precautions are needed for placing concrete in cold weather conditions. Royal used heated mixing water and aggregate to keep concrete temperatures above 60 degrees at the time of the batch during cold weather conditions.

Hot Weather Concrete

Hot weather can also negatively affect the quality of freshly mixed concrete. Temperatures, humidity and solar radiation can all play a role in accelerating the loss of moisture rate in cement causing undesirable results.