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Things to consider when ordering Your Ready Mixed Concrete:

Size of coarse aggregate

Consider the reinforced steel and dimension of the concrete application. Generally, the maximum size of coarse aggregate is ¾ to 1 inch.


This term refers to the measure of the concrete’s consistency. This should be indicated with the job – generally, the slump range is 3-5 inches.

Entrained air

This type of concrete should be used if it will be exposed to freezing temperatures. All exterior concrete will be entrained air – please notify dispatch of your concrete application.

Performance Requirements

It is important to let us know this information to better determine the composition. This way we are best equipped to make the correct mixture to fit your needs.


Concrete is sold in an unhardened state by volume in cubic yards. The volume, also referred to as “yield”, is calculated by density or unit weight.
• 1 Cubic Yard = about 4,000 pounds
• The typical capacity of our truck mixer = 10 cubic yards.

Use this concrete calculator to determine how much concrete you will need for your next project.

Scheduling Delivery

Schedule the delivery of concrete to best fit the construction schedule. Notify us if there are any schedule changes and keep in mind weather conditions. Make sure that the truck will have proper access to the location. Keep in mind the weight of the truck (excess of 80,000 pounds) and job site maneuverability. Royal Ready Mix is not liable for damages to sidewalk, driveway, or any property beyond the curb line.

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